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I’m an emerging ceramic artist living in southwestern Ontario, smack in the heart of the ceramics hub of Canada. 

Ceramic is a complex medium that demands one’s undivided attention at every level of its manipulations and transformations, where one piece requires days or weeks of work and diligence; this medium is in complete sync with how my brain is wired.


The complexity of the medium in all its combinations of raw materials for bodies compositions and surface development (I do not use premixed glazes) demands research and testing that I find very exciting; it's a delightful challenge I constantly bask into, and the results are always gratifying. My focus on the surface of my works is paramount. My appreciation for the medium is such that I put forward its many elemental, geological qualities. My surfaces are dry and matte; they absorb light and consequentially show depth, they are inviting to the touch, and have a more grounded presence. When working on functional ware, my works retain a lot of the raw aspect of the materials.

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