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Cornu Deficientia is out!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Cornu Deficientia - photo by Stiven Agoubi

Cornu Deficientia is a social commentary where I flip the symbolism of the cornucopia on its head: In a world of great abundance, humankind still decides to have the greater part of its group in deficiency. We are sociopolitically organizing others with inadequate or in complete lack of life’s essentials, housing, food, health, education, safety...

We have evolved tremendously and so beautifully in all technological fields in the past century, but psycho-socially, we have gained very little advances. We still establish value to people based on the antipathetic and xenophobic notions with which we inform all our social policies and systems; and this system of thought – cognitive mechanism – is found in all socioeconomic and ethnic human groups.

The large horn is built in 14 modules and are attached with steel wire and jute cord. All pieces are fired multiple times at a low temperature (cone 04). There are many different finishes, oxide crusts, washes and sintered glazes. You can view the small horns in better detail here.

This installation was part of the Fuel group show, and was exhibited along side Fireworks 2019 at the Thames Art Gallery in Chatham, Ontario. Both ran from August 30th, to October 20th, 2019. Fuel was comprised of 5 local artists: Isabelle Milot, Janet Johnston, Andrea Vuletin, Karen Bourassa, and myself.

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