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Online presence

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Given the nature of visual arts, an artist's best platform for the diffusion of his or her work is a website, right?

Close view of Cabossé 7

I could argue that Instagram is right up there too because of its minimalistic format, but a website allows for further discussion with the audience. Besides, no professional would pay serious attention to an Instagram account as an artist's portfolio. So, here we are with a small catalogue of my work, just like a grown-up.

As my website goes up, the new direction of my work is finally taking off: sculptural installation work. I've fallen in love with low-fire surface treatment, oxide crusts, barely sintered materials, and washes. They allow the forms to, how do I put it, to be visually accessible, and the materials added to the surfaces add volume, visual weight and compositional opportunities that a glass coating conceals.

I have two men constantly on my mind in the past months, Walter Dexter and his Torso Vases, and Alberto Giacometti with his elongated figures; I just can't dislodge them, they work large, and larger. Their bodies of work could easily keep my attention for a decade. They are giants, and I'm like a little boy who wishes to grow up and be like them.

Firing in an electric kiln keeps one working small, and I need to go large. So, I've now had to come to peace with the fact I'll be working in modules. Given clay shrinks, shifts, and can also warp if you're not paying attention, it is a challenge to build so that all your pieces in the end fit into one another. I know I'll enjoy it very much! See the large horn from my Cornu Deficientia installation, it's built in 11 parts.

Oh, and welcome to the web, dear catalogue!

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