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Trimorphism is a study dissecting the components of art forms investigating the raw elements constituting them. Through an exploration of low fire oxidation ceramics, I examine visual compositions and how context changes their interpretative value. 

Click here to view a 1m 40 sec video.

This installation investigates the relationship between the formal language of artmaking and the unique properties of my chosen materials. Composition, weight, surface, volume and colour are all things artists traditionally consider. They are, in many ways, the rules and language of artmaking. Artists also like to challenge these rules. My fascination with the fluidity of perception and the destabilizing influence of the materials I chose fascinate me. I'm interested in how the transformative process affects the value of each iteration in the trios, as it inescapably shifts and gains new components, dramatically changing its nature.

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"​In Trimorphism, Grenier sets parameters in the performance of this quest. Bi-dimensional geometric compositions studies are sketched separately in the search for visual tension created by visual weight, visual direction and colour. Vessels are handbuilt as free standing forms also seeking tension and resolution of balance. The strong geometric composition are then selected to create further tensions and counterbalance on the vessels on which they drawn freehand. These geometric compositions are then imagined and built as three-dimensional sculptures and suspended to the ceiling. After establishing the form of his vessels, he creates two-dimensional tableau in response to their structure. 

​One mainstay of Grenier's practice is the research and development of new and unusual surface treatments utilizing atypical materials and combinations that are rarely employed. This results in surface crusts that reveal the inherent qualities of these materials, producing and often-unexpected depth and rich tactility. Grenier is not alone in this quest. With the ebullient resurgence of ceramics of the past decade, he is in sync with other artists working with ceramics worldwide, carving new paths in the field."


Trimorphism presentation at the opening reception at ARTspace in Chatham, ON, June 16th, 2023

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